10 days of meditation

This month my girlfriend and I did a meditation course called Vipassana. In total silence we were only concentrated on ourselfs, 10 days, 10 hours a day. No phone or other distraction, men and women separated.

I hear you thinking: What is your motivation and goal of the meditation?
Well, the way I would explain it is that with Vipassana meditation you get rid of unconscious stored negative emotions. During the meditation you can feel that you get rid of them.
Another reason is that you expand your consciousness, not only during the meditation but also during everyday life. You become more aware of your social and anti-social behavior, you lose stress and anger which eventually leads to more happiness. These are for me some of the reasons why this meditation course is so enriching.

For some people it sounds extreme but I think there is nothing extreme about it. Of course it is a bit strange not to talk and sit the whole day. You need some perseverance; 130 persons out of 140 finished the 10 day course, with a big smile and a great experience for their life.

After my return I got rewarded with lots of deep powder.

web P1040704 Kopie

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Tschaggunser Mittagspitze

Skitour Tschaggunser Mittagspitze

40 meters before we reached the top of the  Tschaggunser Mittagspitze we were standing before a steep wall of snow and rocks. In the middle of the wall a Capricorn was watching us for at least 5 minutes. We had no idea if we could reach the top and were it would be the easiest climb. Step by step we found our way, digging through the snow searching for grip. And in the end it was all worth it!

This was a perfect kick off tour of season 2017/2018. Winter has started yeaaaaaa 🙂

Tschaggunser Mittagspitze is in Montafon. Montafon is a 39 KM long valley with a few ski resorts, good freeride spots of the lift and lots of beautiful skitouring/splitboard possibilities for beginners and advanced freeriders. For more information contact me.

20171116_091652 Kopie


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Up Down

Bas and I went 5 days biking with Dennis Bruin from the Up Down magazine for promotion of our bikeschool MTB Tours and Trails. We ‘ve been riding the best trails and beautiful valleys in the ‘Alpenregion Bludenz’. From Muttersberg to Brandnertal and from Grosswalsertal to Klostertal.

P1040329 Kopieb

A nice climb from Marul in Grosswalsertal


We slept at the Breithornhütte at 1760 meter above sea level.

web P1040484 Kopie

Beautiful morning light and the Rote Wand in the background.


Short steep hikes

web P1040554 Kopieb Kopie

Nice trails with the colors of automn

web P1040259 Kopie



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Biking and Cabre Perdu

Since I returned to fitness after my accident in April, there are not many days where I haven’t been biking.
In June, I spent three weeks mountain biking in Tuscany, Italy. After the Tuscany trip I was at a photoshoot with a bike magazine in Bregenzerwald and Tirol, Austria, and a nice MTB & diving trip in Tessin, Switzerland. I made it on the cover of the Magazine Up Down, with a photo from Harm Spoelstra. In September I’m spending five weeks in Southwest France to explore more trails.

But most of the time I have been riding at home, where Bas Elhorst and I created our bike school, MTB Tours and Trails, www.mtbtousandtrails.com. We love to ride nearby Bludenz in Vorarlberg, which is exactly why we chose this place to be our base. Bludenz is perfectly situated in the middle of Vorarlberg, Austria. From Bludenz, we can drive to five different valleys that are full of great trails with uplift, to explore beautiful mountain landscapes and the Bikepark Brandnertal to improve airtime and downhill techniques.


Now I am at Cabre Perdu, a little paradise in the south of France. I’m helping repair an old stone roof. About 20 years ago, my parents sold their house in the Netherlands and bought Cabre Perdu, a terrain with five ruins.

Cabre Perdu is a old Quercy farm which, as the name ‘Lost Goat’ indicates, is hidden in the midst of silence and nature, a magical place. www.cabreperdu.com This is work we completed over the past 15 years with stones and wood from our forest.



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f r e e r i d e

Long time no posts. I gues I’m to bussy freeriding 😉 This was the tour from yesterday:

20170330_103044 Kopie b

First hike up to the Omesspitze (400 vertical meters)

First descent into nobody land.

Second hike and climb to the peak (about 600 verticl meters)

Very long descent passing all snow conditions.

16991751_1253948921367362_1461314896213263192_o Kopiee

spray in Tirol16992124_1253947394700848_3279094121831147124_o

Here I am at work, guiding Elooa Nitro camp. I love my job 😉

web DSCN3563 Kopie                                                   Hiking during windstorm in Montafon.

web IMG_7747 c Kopie

Lots of airtime. Latest fotos I’ll show next time.

20170322_125554 Kopie

DSCN3776 KopieDSCN3746 Kopie

Thanks for watching, and if you like it follow me.



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Touring in Austria and Norwegian

With a bit of a hike you find the most beautiful spots in the mountains. Almost or untracked best quality of powder and that after two weeks no snow fall. Private but also always more guests like to enjoy the silence and beauty of the mountains, even if you need to hike.


We only found mountains covered with powder, traces of rabbits and two other people hiking.


And sometimes a good powder shot, Jeroen is killing it, spray into cliffjump.


Friday we shooted riding this couloir (Jeroen en Irian), saterday this spray and nice full speed cliffjumps (Marcel Loschin)


This is Norwegian, Jeroen likes this view. 23 till 30 April Jeroen Smallegange (Snowboard guide) and I organize a trip to Norwegian. There are still some places left so if you are interested let me know (i.vanhelfteren@gmail.com) and I’ll send you information.





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Would you call it art?


I like to make photos on moments where others don’t even know where to make a photo of. My both parents are artists, my father is photographer, maybe that is the reason why I alwys have this moments where I have to take my camera out of my pocket?  For me the whole freeriding is not just some adrenaline and fun with friends, for a lot of people it is but for me it is more. It’s a way of expression of your personality and a way to become part of the nature.

It is hard to say when you can call something art, let’s call it Arty Farty style 😉

ps. fun pow movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5C6X5SSeBE&t=35s





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