In april 2022 I’ve been freeriding in Norway (Lofoten and Troms) for 4 weeks. Even though I have been there many times I again was stunned by its beauty. This time I brought my photo camera, hereby I share some awesome shots of this amazing part of the world.

Mt. Blatind is a beautiful mountain because of its special view and great descent.
Often we stop on the way for a little hike, to enjoy the landscape and its tipical architecture.
This is the south gully on Geitgalien towards Austnersfiorjden. Just for this mountain it’s worth to come to the Lofoten, but only if you like it steep and deep.

The last week of April I explored a new area in Troms. If you have already been to the Lofoten, Troms should be your next destination. Contact me for more information.

I was lucky to be in Troms during a week of hard snowfall, about 20 cm per day. Deep cold pow till the beach, I have never seen such good powder snow in Norway before…..

Apreski in the hot tup, the sauna and the Norwegian sea to cool down.
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WINTER 2019/ 2020

Finally a new blogpost.
First of all, thanks for all the good, funny and inspiring reviews from this winter!


Reviews are still welcome


The winter had a abrupt end because of the Corona Virus. I hope you and your family are fine!
Anyway… The winter was great again, with many adventures, some perfect powder, some rain, windstorms and beautiful sunny touring conditions.
Hereby some images of the winter. December started good with fresh powder on high altitude.

January was super good, a bit of powder but most of the time sunshine and perfect touring conditions in high altitude. So I hiked and rode new mountains, I delivered avalanche safety trainings and found enough powder for every day 🙂

Photo’s of february and march will come up soon.

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Hike & Bike

My girfriend and I were looking for some weeks with very good food, great mountain landscapes, and not many tourism. She wanted to hike, I wanted to bike. So we chose the route of the GTA (Grand Traverse della Alps) in Italy.
We had snowfall, rain, fog and sunhine…

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Season is’nt over jet

Riding the Gargellener Madrisa was a mission, but we made it with perfect snow conditions. Boot pack up, riding the couloir down 🙂
Climbing up the last part
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Japan or Europe?

I prefer Europe to Japan with the easy accessible beautiful mountains. I like all weather conditions with all their challanges. This season so far we even had better snow than in Japan 🙂
Fotos by: Marcel Loschin, Maurice Mommen and Eric Verbriest.
Rider: Irian

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Perfect winter start

This season up to now I have riden for 10 days, and all of them where perfect….
Todays pictures:

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Life in Sumatra

In five weeks traveling and surfing in Sumatra I realised (again) how free in mind the people in Indonesie are! They are rarely concerned about things that are not worth it to being concerned about. The opposit as we do in Europe…

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Your next adventure

Preparing for upcoming winter. Where do I wanna go? What are my next adventures? To find the answer you think about the adventures of the past, and let inspier yourself by adventures of others. So hereby some inspiration, memories of last winter.


1d LofotenI felt in love with the Lofoten. After a beautifull Skitour, we had great freeriding down till the beach and after that we ‚ve been surfing till all the power was gone.
For me this was one of the highlights of the winter!

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One of my best skitouring I did in the Lofoten in Norwegian. It is a magic place! Last april I stayed in the Lofoten for two weeks, one with guests and one week with my girlfriend. One week with perfect weather and one week it was cloudy, but I enjoyed both weeks the same.
We stayed in a nice house middle in the nature with 360 degrees terrace and amazing view. Sunset is in April at 23:00 h. so we could chill at the terrase and watch sunset till it was time go to bed.  Something very strange but nice during winter-sport holidays.

Hiking with a view over the ocean and little steep islands around is magnificent, these picture are made by Eric Verbiest.
Do you want to join the 2019 Lofoten trip? See CAMPS and contact me for more info.

Eb VE_5011 Kopieweb lofo1 Kopieweb dag 5.3 Kopieweb irian 1 Kopieweb aa3 Kopieweb aa1 Kopie

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Photos of a four day MTB trip through Vorarlberg.
Photographer Dennis de Bruin.


An amazing anventure MTB trip. Hikin and biking at the border of Vorarlberg (Austria) and Switserland.


pic 8

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