Perfect winter start

This season up to now I have riden for 10 days, and all of them where perfect….
Todays pictures:

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Life in Sumatra

In five weeks traveling and surfing in Sumatra I realised (again) how free in mind the people in Indonesie are! They are rarely concerned about things that are not worth it to being concerned about. The opposit as we do in Europe…

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Your next adventure

Preparing for upcoming winter. Where do I wanna go? What are my next adventures? To find the answer you think about the adventures of the past, and let inspier yourself by adventures of others. So hereby some inspiration, memories of last winter.


1d LofotenI felt in love with the Lofoten. After a beautifull Skitour, we had great freeriding down till the beach and after that we ‘ve been surfing till all the power was gone.
For me this was one of the highlights of the winter!

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One of my best skitouring I did in the Lofoten in Norwegian. It is a magic place! Last april I stayed in the Lofoten for two weeks, one with guests and one week with my girlfriend. One week with perfect weather and one week it was cloudy, but I enjoyed both weeks the same.
We stayed in a nice house middle in the nature with 360 degrees terrace and amazing view. Sunset is in April at 23:00 h. so we could chill at the terrase and watch sunset till it was time go to bed.  Something very strange but nice during winter-sport holidays.

Hiking with a view over the ocean and little steep islands around is magnificent, these picture are made by Eric Verbiest.
Do you want to join the 2019 Lofoten trip? See CAMPS and contact me for more info.

Eb VE_5011 Kopieweb lofo1 Kopieweb dag 5.3 Kopieweb irian 1 Kopieweb aa3 Kopieweb aa1 Kopie

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Photos of a four day MTB trip through Vorarlberg.
Photographer Dennis de Bruin.


An amazing anventure MTB trip. Hikin and biking at the border of Vorarlberg (Austria) and Switserland.


pic 8

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Georgien trip report


Georgien freeriding tripreport

web P1030167 Kopie.jpg

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Mountain Lodge Tour

After a very good trip to Georgien (Photos & story are coming) it was also nice to be back home in beautiful Vorarlberg. This was the mountain Lodge tour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Mondspitze & biketour

Today we made a bike tour at the soutern side of the valley

Yesterday we went splitboarding at the nothern side of the valley.

Next week I will guide a group in Georgien, exploring & freeriding, see camps

26985022711_3565f4a30c_o b
web P1010331 KopieP1010248 Kopieweb P1010261 KopieBas Elhorst is dropping in ….

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With my photos I share some moments of joy…

P1000879 KopiebP1000951 Kopieb




web P1010059 Kopie





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Beautiful atmosphere

No words needed…. One week with cold temperatures, perfect touring conditions.

Still places left at the Mountain lodge tour Vorarlberg. See Camps.




web P1000518 Kopie

web P1000590 Kopie

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