f r e e r i d e

Long time no posts. I gues I’m to bussy freeriding 😉 This was the tour from yesterday:

20170330_103044 Kopie b

First hike up to the Omesspitze (400 vertical meters)

First descent into nobody land.

Second hike and climb to the peak (about 600 verticl meters)

Very long descent passing all snow conditions.

16991751_1253948921367362_1461314896213263192_o Kopiee

spray in Tirol16992124_1253947394700848_3279094121831147124_o

Here I am at work, guiding Elooa Nitro camp. I love my job 😉

web DSCN3563 Kopie                                                   Hiking during windstorm in Montafon.

web IMG_7747 c Kopie

Lots of airtime. Latest fotos I’ll show next time.

20170322_125554 Kopie

DSCN3776 KopieDSCN3746 Kopie

Thanks for watching, and if you like it follow me.



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Touring in Austria and Norwegian

With a bit of a hike you find the most beautiful spots in the mountains. Almost or untracked best quality of powder and that after two weeks no snow fall. Private but also always more guests like to enjoy the silence and beauty of the mountains, even if you need to hike.


We only found mountains covered with powder, traces of rabbits and two other people hiking.


And sometimes a good powder shot, Jeroen is killing it, spray into cliffjump.


Friday we shooted riding this couloir (Jeroen en Irian), saterday this spray and nice full speed cliffjumps (Marcel Loschin)


This is Norwegian, Jeroen likes this view. 23 till 30 April Jeroen Smallegange (Snowboard guide) and I organize a trip to Norwegian. There are still some places left so if you are interested let me know (i.vanhelfteren@gmail.com) and I’ll send you information.





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Would you call it art?


I like to make photos on moments where others don’t even know where to make a photo of. My both parents are artists, my father is photographer, maybe that is the reason why I alwys have this moments where I have to take my camera out of my pocket?  For me the whole freeriding is not just some adrenaline and fun with friends, for a lot of people it is but for me it is more. It’s a way of expression of your personality and a way to become part of the nature.

It is hard to say when you can call something art, let’s call it Arty Farty style 😉

ps. fun pow movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5C6X5SSeBE&t=35s





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Kreuzjoch and Gamsfreiheit

Everyday another tour. There is so match to explore, splitboarding/ skitouring is great. No more limits, there is always somewhere good untracked powder, nice ice waterfalls and great views.


Hike to Kreuzjoch with my girl.web-dscn2955-kopie

A view of 1600 vertical meters into the valleyweb-dscn2959-kopieweb-dscn2965-kopie

No it is not a mountain goat, its Jeroen Smallenlangeweb-dscn2968-bweb-dscn2994-kopie

Cloudy days can be beautiful and special in the mountains.

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Recover after avalanche


Some of you will already know. 26 November a group of 10 persons inclusive me were hiking in Obergurgl. We were hiking in Verwalltal in 20 degrees terrain, then 800 meter above us an avalanche came down and 4 of us inclusive me were taken by the avalanche. (Maybe I will write later more about details). My friend and college Bas Elhorst saved my life. I broke 5 ribs, shoulder blade, a few spine lateral protrusions and one lung was empty, I had 28 degrees.


After two weeks in the hospital I could go home. Now I’m almost healthy as I use to be, here some photos from my first days back in the mountain.


Yesterday I had a great day with Jeroen Smallenlange. We hiked to the top of Misthaufen, a wonderfull tour! We were 7,5 hours in a the wild terrain of Wilden Gardental full of rocky terrain and frozen waterfalls.   web-dscn2787-kopie

To reach the top we hiked 1600 vertical meters.we-dscn2828-kopie

A great view to the Rote Wandweb-dscn2864-kopie

Jeroen is hiking the last metersweb-dscn2868-b-kopie

good for base jumpers I gues 😉web-dscn2891-kopie

Just on time back in the vally


An other tour to Elserspitzewebdscn2670-kopie


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I went with two friends on Blüemlisalp 3661 meter. For us a chalanging mountain, because we need to traverse a glacier with many crevasses, then climb a 200 vertical meter ice wall and finaly climb a 500 vertical meter ridge.

We start hiking around 1200h. The white top in the middle is our goal, it seems unreachable from here.


We pass by majestic glaciers.


Finally we see the Blüemlissalphutte on the ridge under the clouds.dscn2026-kopie


We can see a part of our hike. (red line). The icewall you see is 200 vertical meters, we wundering how the ice is. We know that the normal time for this tour from the hut till the top and back is about 9 hours.

At 4:30h. we started hiking. The first part we have fiend our way in between crevasses in the dark. Then we start climbing the ice and the sky get red above our head.




We are on the ridge, the last 500 meters rock and ice.


The way back down is much harder on this mountain, but with an amazing amazing view.



dscn2092-kopieimg_3222-kopieThe lake down there is the Oeschinensee.



We were surprised about how we found our way through the crevasses in the dark, we had to jump over a few of them. Good that we didn’t saw how deep they were in the dark.

Thanks to Mountain Hard Wear.


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Long time no blog posts.

Therefore not match text but some great pictures of some of my adventures. ENJOY!

DSCN1782 KopieDSCN1764 Kopie

DSCN1319 Kopie

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