You want to get the most fun out of your wintersport holiday? Looking for an unforgettable freeride experience?

I am Irian van Helfteren, a qualified snowboard guide and I can take you to the best powder and most epic terrain for the best days of your life.
Whether you are a beginner or expert I will take your winter thrills to the next level. I am based in Arlberg because of the epic terrain and good powdersnow, but I am also willing to show you other beautiful freeride terrain around the globe.


It is so much fun to control your board. No matter if you are total beginner or expert in snowboarding, if you improve your skills you will feel free in the mountains. As pro snowboarder and sport teacher I love to work with you, to bring your skills to the next level. Controlling your body and snowboard will make your holiday feeling complete! A good age for kids to learn snowboarding is 8 years, but motivated kids can learn from an age of 4 years old.


Once groomed runs are no longer a challenge, you’ll be keen to discover the thrill of snowboarding on untouched slopes away from the piste. I will not only guide you in the mountains, but teach you about the equipment you’ll used off-piste and how to stay safe in the backcountry.

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By hiking just 10 to 45 minutes away from the ski area we’ll reach exciting freeride terrain with deep backcountry powder that most people never experience. Away from the busy slopes and noisy hustle of commercial ski areas, we find peace, solitude and untracked snow.

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Splitboarding and ski touring is becoming the new winter sport of choice. During the winter it is the only way to arrive the Alpine wilderness.

Strange as it may seem, the uphill climbs are a great part of touring. It is a social time when groups bond plus it’s a great workout. Moving slowly gives you time to contemplate life and to see nature and the mountains as never before. Splitboarding takes you far from the commercial ski area, into untouched backcountry finding powder you could not reach in other ways.

You ask yourself how it is to ride a splitboard? Well, a modern splitboards is just as responsive as a normal snowboard providing a fun floaty ride.

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To experience the beauty and silence of nature as never before you should take a hut tour. Splitboard and freeride all day, before reaching a cozy hut in the middle of the snow clad mountains. Enjoy a beer or a juice with local food. After sunset a clear star filled sky in the white mountains is an unforgettable experience.


For most snowboarders heli-skiing is a bucket list experience. From Lech we can fly to the peaks of Mehlsack (2651m) or Schneetäli (2450m) and enjoy various routes down through untouched powder. It costs €460-520 per flight for 4 people (one of whom must be a guide). The helicopter does not fly on weekends or holidays.
If you are looking to take heli-skiing to the next level I can help arrange trips to Canada, Iceland or New Zealand.

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I live in Austria near Arlberg and Montafon – my favourite ski areas. With an expansive 200km of gnarly backcountry, Arlberg is ideal for those seeking steep, deep and extreme terrain. Montafon is less famous for freeriding, so it’s quieter meaning powder takes longer to be tracked out.

As a snowboard guide and competitor in the Freeride World Tour I’ve ridden backcountry in over 50 ski areas worldwide. So I am stoked to guide you around the mountains wherever the snow is best.


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When in backcountry terrain your most important tool is knowledge. The best way to learn basic safety or advanced avalanche awareness is to mix theory with practice, which means getting out and experiencing the mountains.

I am qualified to train you in both basic and advanced backcountry safety. So while exploring the mountains I’ll explain the dangers, teach you the required skills and share my knowledge  of mountain safety. To ensure you have taken it all in there will be a test and I will let you know areas in which you can improve.

I can also introduce or improve your glacier safety and rescue techniques, which are required when snowboarding on a glacier. This includes learning in the valley followed by heading the glaciated terrain to put what you have learnt into practice.

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When freeriding the most important thing is to stay safe. I will assess your physical fitness and snowboarding ability, which combined with the weather, snow conditions and avalanche risk will help me decide where to snowboard to challenge your riding while minimising risk.

All my freeride guests are required to wear the minimal safety equipment of an avalanche beacon plus a backpack including shovel and probe. I also recommend an avalanche airbag and helmet. I have full sets of safety equipment to rent if required.

      Enjoy life, go freeriding!

For booking or questions:        i.vanhelfteren@gmail.com         +43-(0)6 80 55 87 178