Splitboarding and ski touring is becoming the new winter sport of choice. During the winter it is the only way to arrive the Alpine wilderness.

Strange as it may seem, the uphill climbs are a great part of touring. It is a social time when groups bond plus it’s a great workout. Moving slowly gives you time to contemplate life and to see nature and the mountains as never before. Splitboarding takes you far from the commercial ski area, into untouched backcountry finding powder you could not reach in other ways.

You ask yourself how it is to ride a splitboard? Well, a modern splitboards is just as responsive as a normal snowboard providing a fun floaty ride.

Safety equipment
All freeride guests are required to wear the minimal safety equipment of an avalanche beacon plus a backpack including shovel and probe. I also recommend an avalanche airbag and helmet.
I have full sets of safety equipment to rent if required.

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Never stop exploring
Let’s ride together and enjoy life!