In april 2022 I’ve been freeriding in Norway (Lofoten and Troms) for 4 weeks. Even though I have been there many times I again was stunned by its beauty. This time I brought my photo camera, hereby I share some awesome shots of this amazing part of the world.

Mt. Blatind is a beautiful mountain because of its special view and great descent.
Often we stop on the way for a little hike, to enjoy the landscape and its tipical architecture.
This is the south gully on Geitgalien towards Austnersfiorjden. Just for this mountain it’s worth to come to the Lofoten, but only if you like it steep and deep.

The last week of April I explored a new area in Troms. If you have already been to the Lofoten, Troms should be your next destination. Contact me for more information.

I was lucky to be in Troms during a week of hard snowfall, about 20 cm per day. Deep cold pow till the beach, I have never seen such good powder snow in Norway before…..

Apreski in the hot tup, the sauna and the Norwegian sea to cool down.

Über Irian van Helfteren

Freeride Guiding, Freeride Camps, Snowboard Teacher, Avalanche Safety Training, Splitboard Touren.
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