19-26 april 2020

header 2.2Our first peak in april 2019 was Varden. The incredible view is one-of a kind in the Lofoten.

Freeriding with an ocean view in a disdistinctive scenery with dramatic mountains, open sea, sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands.
The Lofoten Islands, 68 degrees north, inside the Artic circle in North Norway. The main income for these islands comes out the fishery and the summer tourism. The winter months are short and dark.  When finally spring arrives the days are getting longer which is ideal for touring.
Join us on splitboard or tourski to hike and ride in one of the most magnificent places on earth.


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A paradise for those who like good powdersnow, beautiful big mountains and adventure. The locals are known for their hospitality and the nature for his wilderness and beauty.
If you’re an adventurous freerider that enjoys challenging terrain and exploring new places, this is the trip for you!

You can choose between a heli ski/ boarding trip or freeride holiday with lift acces mixed with splitboarding.

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Never stop exploring. Let’s ride together and enjoy life!