1 Kopie webSplitboarding Lofoten Islands, Norway

07.04. – 14.04.2019

The Lofoten Island, 68 degrees north, inside the Artic circle in North Norway. The main income for these islands comes out the fishery and the summer tourism. The winter months are short and dark.  When spring arrives the days are getting longer which is ideal for touring. The Lofoten offers one of a kind environs, sharp mountains straight out of the ocean that are waiting for us to ride them down all the way to the beach.            Join us on splitboard or tourski to hike and ride in one of the most magnificent places on earth.

P r o g r a m

  • Day 1: Arriving at Evenes / Harstad airport and driving to the accommodation (Svolvear)
  • Day 2: Splitboard tour Torskmannen *
  • Day 3: Splitboard tour Stortind *
  • Day 4: Splitboard tour Rundfjellet *
  • Day 5: Splitboard tour Store Kvittind *
  • Day 6: Splitboard tour Pilan/Sautind *
  • Day 7: Splitboard tour Varden *
  • Day 8: Driving back to the airport
    * The exact order and mountains we hike will depend on weather and snow conditions.

P r i c e : €1600, – p.p.

  • Included: 6 days guiding, Local transfer (Car), Accommodation
    Exclusive: Flight to Evenes/Harstad, Touring equipment, Food & drinks

L E V E L :

  • Riders level: medium – advanced
  • Condition: medium – advanced. We hike between 400 and 800 vertical meters per day.

M A T E R I A L  N E E D E D :

  • Backpack including beacon, Shovel and Probe.
  • Splitboard / tourski, skins, crampons and poles.
  • Functional Clothing, gloves, beanie, Sunglasses, Goggles.

Group size: 4 till 8 people per group

Our Lofoten Camp 2018 …. No words needed:

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DSCN5125 Kopieweb


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*Please note: The camps will only take place if the minimum amount of participants is reached and if accommodation is available. Please book early. The accomodation provided corresponds to a middle class standard for about €70,- p.p. per night. 

Let’s ride together and enjoy life!