Georgien trip report


Georgien freeriding tripreport

web P1030167 Kopie.jpg

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Mountain Lodge Tour

After a very good trip to Georgien (Photos & story are coming) it was also nice to be back home in beautiful Vorarlberg. This was the mountain Lodge tour.

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Mondspitze & biketour

Today we made a bike tour at the soutern side of the valley

Yesterday we went splitboarding at the nothern side of the valley.

Next week I will guide a group in Georgien, exploring & freeriding, see camps

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web P1010331 KopieP1010248 Kopieweb P1010261 KopieBas Elhorst is dropping in ….

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With my photos I share some moments of joy…

P1000879 KopiebP1000951 Kopieb




web P1010059 Kopie





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Beautiful atmosphere

No words needed…. One week with cold temperatures, perfect touring conditions.

Still places left at the Mountain lodge tour Vorarlberg. See Camps.




web P1000518 Kopie

web P1000590 Kopie

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TV show

Next two days I will ride with RTL4, dutch TV program, and I’ll coach a dutch freerider to ride Freeride competitions and ride a Freeride World Qualifier with him. Soon You’ll see me on TV 😉

Last week I’ve been guiding and riding with Jeremy Jones and his crew. We slept on a mountain hut and had great powder. Super nice crew, good riders and lots of fun:

P1050880 KopiebBas Elhorst is enjoying the powP1050884 KopiecJeremy Jones itselfP1050912 KopiebAnd the rest of the crew ….web P1050907 Kopie

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Crazy winter

One day the mountains are covert in the deepest pow and two days later they are covered in ice. It is not always easy to find the best powder. But after 15 years of exploring, training, education and lots of experience, I love the challenge to make the best out of what the mountains have to offer. And this winter they offer us a lot. Nature is great! RESPECT THE NATURE.



With Bas Elhorst as colleague guide and Pow Hunter Truck from ELOOA we traveled south to find the best powder. This bus has space for about 20 persons. Great photos made by Alex Papis (

web P1050528 KopieAfter rainfall extreme wind blew over the Alps


My line choice camp at 20 january was… deepest powder of the winter so far. We had nonstop untracked powder of best quality so there was not much time to check our lines 😉
For more Camps see ‚Camps‘ above.

web P1050729 KopieNice airtime in Silvretta Montafon

web P1050762 KopieThis week I enjoyed the sunshine in Montafon with Marcel Loschin.


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what a freerider needs

What makes me love freeriding so much? It is cruising the endless untracked open powder fields, big powder sprays, steep and technical lines, silence and beauty at the top of a mountain, exploring new areas, and sharing the fun with friends and guests.
This winter I have had it all and the winter just started. You find me often in Montafon, because every area got its own specialty, let the photos show you what I mean. This is freeriding in Gargellen:

web P1050106 KopiebMy girlfriend prefers the open fields

web P1050177 KopiebChilling at the peak

web P1050215 KopieHere I am checking my line before dropping in (Gargellen)

web P1050168 Kopie
After a little rest at the peak, Rotspitz, dropping in this couloir and powder fields


Short before dropping in two other super fun lines in Gargellen


Marcel Loschin likes airtime

web P1050019 KopieBas Elhorst on the ride…

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10 days of meditation

This month my girlfriend and I did a meditation course called Vipassana. In total silence we were only concentrated on ourselfs, 10 days, 10 hours a day. No phone or other distraction, men and women separated.

I hear you thinking: What is your motivation and goal of the meditation?
Well, the way I would explain it is that with Vipassana meditation you get rid of unconscious stored negative emotions. During the meditation you can feel that you get rid of them.
Another reason is that you expand your consciousness, not only during the meditation but also during everyday life. You become more aware of your social and anti-social behavior, you lose stress and anger which eventually leads to more happiness. These are for me some of the reasons why this meditation course is so enriching.

For some people it sounds extreme but I think there is nothing extreme about it. Of course it is a bit strange not to talk and sit the whole day. You need some perseverance; 130 persons out of 140 finished the 10 day course, with a big smile and a great experience for their life.

After my return I got rewarded with lots of deep powder.

web P1040704 Kopie

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Tschaggunser Mittagspitze

Skitour Tschaggunser Mittagspitze

40 meters before we reached the top of the  Tschaggunser Mittagspitze we were standing before a steep wall of snow and rocks. In the middle of the wall a Capricorn was watching us for at least 5 minutes. We had no idea if we could reach the top and were it would be the easiest climb. Step by step we found our way, digging through the snow searching for grip. And in the end it was all worth it!

This was a perfect kick off tour of season 2017/2018. Winter has started yeaaaaaa 🙂

Tschaggunser Mittagspitze is in Montafon. Montafon is a 39 KM long valley with a few ski resorts, good freeride spots of the lift and lots of beautiful skitouring/splitboard possibilities for beginners and advanced freeriders. For more information contact me.

20171116_091652 Kopie


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