Hokkaido Japan Freeride Camp

Date: 22 – 31 January 2022

If you want to ride Japanese powder, if you like great cultural experiences, lots of fun and advanture, and on top of that an onson (hot spring bath) after erery freeride day. Then this trip is made for you.

Have a look at the photos below and be inspired.

Price €2600,-

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 6 guiding days
  • transport during the trip

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Group discount possible upon request.

Also possible

23.01.2021 – 04.02.2021
Price €3080,-

– Included 10 nights accommodation,
– 9 guiding days
– Transport during the trip

Booking and more information Click here

Photos and text freeride Camp Hokkaido, Japan, 2020:
The start of the Japan trip wasn’t as planned. My boards arrived 5 days with delay and unfortunately we didn’t get the minivan we had ordered online. Therefore the whole group (7 persons) had to fit in one car for the first three days.

Anyway, after we had managed to get in the car with all our baggage we dove to our first hostel. – An unbelievable great trip started, a trip I will never forget.

We completed our first day of freeriding with a full moon hike, to ride more japowder.

Food……. special & good

Sapporo sightseeing, a city with two million inhabitants.