After the sport school in Holland I finished the “Staatliche Snowboardlehrer” (highest snowboard teacher diploma) and the “Snowboardführer” (snowboard backcountry guide) in Austria.

I folow my passion what is freeriding and I find it is great to share my passion with guests. There is so much to discover, the awesome beauty of winter landscape, your own possibilities and limits. I think there is no more fun than crossing down in powder snow.

In guiding the wish from my guests is very important. This can differ between technical training in challenging down hills or boarding the most beautiful spots, using ski lift, hiking or helicopter. I also like to share my theoretical knowledge. I take note of physical condition and technical skills as well as the weather and the risk of avalanche. I prefer to go back country above the regular off piste. But the final goal is to have an unforgettable day with a lot of fun.

I’m based in Vorarlberg in Austria but you may find me where ever there is snow. I cooperate among others with Ski Madness and Ripstar and I train professional snowboard teachers.

Contact me if ever you have questions.                                                                                       Enjoy life, keep freeriding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    tel.:+43 (0)680 5587178

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