About good life & forms of consciousness

Last week I was teaching and training kayaking with a friend Gernot in Karnten (see foto). This weekend I teach and train down-hill biking, the weekend after splitboarding on the glacier. In between I’m climbing and I lurn to ride pool on skateboard and inline skates. After splitboarding I’ll travel to france for climbing and to build a wooden stair and before the winter arives one month surfing and traveling Marocco. Then I learn to know a girl of my dreams and it looks like she like me to :)Dawn, life is good to me!

Beside I lurn/study forms of consciousness, among other I read the book of Martin Weber ‘Der Mensch in Gleichgewicht’ (Men in balance). He has lots of success in healing professional athletes. He explains very good how big the influence of our way of thinking is and what we can change. New forms of consciousness opens and things that happened are getting logic and problems are possible to get solved.

Alpstein Swiss 1 c kayak 14c goliat 4

Über Irian van Helfteren

Professional freerider, Sport teacher, Staatlicher Snowboardlehrer, Snowboardführer (sn guide) and Photographer.
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