Piz Medel & Industry climbing

Last weekend I climbed with friends the Piz Medel (3325 meter ) in Switserland. The day we climbed the top was total flat light, it was not easy to find the top over the glacier and the way back was even harder with a view from max. 3 meter.

Beside sports I work as Industry climber/ rope acces technician. Since one month I work for the oebb (Austrian train). I lower down on a rope and throw down stones who could have hit a train. Sometimes the stones/rocks are larger than a meter, this are the best moments at work 😉 It is good to be in the nature every day mostly we have a great view over the valley from Vorarlberg. We have three, mostly four days  off every week. So I have time to go climbing, hiking and biking and to practice my job as photographer and organise sport camps for the future.

Happy butterflys in the valley.web medel nature 4 copymedel nature 3
web medel nature 8 copyOne night we slept in the Medels Hutt
web medel nature 10 copy
web medel nature 13b copyweb medel nature 11 copyweb medel nature 15 copyweb medel nature 17 copyweb medel nature 18 copyweb medel nature 19b copy

Über Irian van Helfteren

Professional freerider, Sport teacher, Staatlicher Snowboardlehrer, Snowboardführer (sn guide) and Photographer.
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