Next level alpine biking

My eyes where burning from salty sweat dropping of my face and I heard the blood pumping through my head as if a midget is hammering in my head. I was on a bike tour first day I was back home in Langen, Austria. Not a normal bike tour but a high alpine hiking track what starts direct behind my house.  Half of the time I had to carry my bike on my shoulder, I like to use my strength and to feel my body, special if it will be rewarded with a beautiful view and a steep and technical down-hill. The mountain in Arlberg are also in summer very, very beautiful! This is the second summer I am at home in Austria, since 10 years I Iive in Austria.

Shortly before the summit I met a young man and we had a little conversation, he was interested in my life, so I told him what I do. Often I tell one or two things because people don’t expect a long answer on the question ‘what do you do in life’. This time I told him about all sports and different jobs, I listened to myself and I thought ‘I do quite a lot of things, and I’m happy about it’.

Days without sport are seldom for me. There are many reasons I sport so match, but beside I find time for culture, traveling, photography, cooking, reading a book etcetera. Of course it is possible because of the jobs I choose, but also because of the way I focus myself on goals. Sport is not my only goal but an important one, for me it has many meanings: Creativity, expression, meditation, fun, socializing, healthiness and getting in contact with nature.

With two colleges I’m working on an idea; to start summer sport camps where all aspects of sports are there. A mix of the fun and the spiritual site of sport, a way to come back to the basics. In that camp you are free to participate in sports and courses like kayaking, yoga, hiking, photography and more.

Whatever… Now it is raining again in Arlberg so I have to organise some stuff at home. My apartment is too big for me alone so if you pass by Arlberg and you need a bed you’re welcome. I have two guest rooms free.

Last week I had my best kayak day so far, here are some photos of that day and of the bike trip:

alpine bike 15 web alpine bike 2 web alpine bike 12 web alpine bike 16web alpine bike 10web alpine bike 18web alpine bike 4bkayak 6kayak 14b
kayak 5
kayak 18b

Über Irian van Helfteren

Freeride Guiding, Freeride Camps, Snowboard Teacher, Avalanche Safety Training, Splitboard Touren.
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