my favorite winter landscape photo & podium in Obergurgl

I made my favourite winter mountain landscape photo ever. Therefor I had to climb the Wörsterpitze in the afternoon.  At 19:00 h. I was standing on the steep top and enjoyed the sunset before climbing down the spine to the tent where I spend the night with a friend and photographer. The night was cold especially our wet and frozen socks and boots in the morning. The plan was to ride a couloir from the Wörsterspitze, but when we arrived at the grade it was too scary for one of us. Not strange because the grade was max half a meter wide and over 50 meters long, left and right 200 meter rocks straight down. Better to follow the feeling in this situation, the mountains are dangerous, last week a friend from south Austria died because he felt down rocks.

The day before that I climbed the Lobspitze, one of my favourite mountains in Arlberg. It was a crazy hike through deep powder, boot tracking an icy steep couloir and the last 20 meters it I had to climb a rocky part. Because of a little sluff snow avalanche I have some scratches in my board and in my as. But I could stop before the rocky part where I had to climb down.

Spring time in the mountains means also season end party’s. The best was before last night in Innsbruck, organized by Red Bull because Nadine Walner (friend and rider by the Steinbocks) won again the Freeride World Tour, this girl is rocking hard, congratulations Nadine!!!

My competition season for this season is over, last weekend I made 3th place in Obergurgl, the best competition face I’ve been riding so far, steep and technical. I’m not really happy about my results, because I know I can do better. But I had lots of fun and anyway some good rusults, 4 time podiums:  A 1st and 2nd place in New Zealand and two times a 3th place in Europe. Thanks to my sponsors how make it possible for me to ride the comps.

This is Lobspitze. I’ll show my favorite winter landscape photo when internet works again… Probably tomorrow.

web aussicht


About Irian van Helfteren

Professional freerider, Sport teacher, Staatlicher Snowboardlehrer, Snowboardführer (sn guide) and Photographer.
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