avalanche accident

Avalanche accident

Last week three out a group of four skiers got caught by an avalanche in Lech, two survived, a 16 year old boy died. The avalanche danger was one on a scale of five. I shudder by this news.       Nature is strong and never 100% predictable. Be sure you go off piste with enough knowledge or with somebody how has the knowledge and never expect to be 100% save.

The first big pow still have to come but I’ve been shredding for the last 10 days. With and without guests, climbing and hiking till the fresh untracked powpow. On the south side of the mountains you still smell the summer and animals are playing in the leaves and trees. The north sides are quiet and covered by snow for the next few months. With full moon I hiked far over the mountains to visit a friend, on the way I made photos of the rivers. It is so good to be back in the mountains, NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL. (Also a photo for my sponsor DB and me on skies 😉

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