How I stay fit, sport and food

Maybe you ask yourself how I stay/ get fit for the winter:

I sport all the time, but now I am in south France and climb a lot what will not help me to get strong legs and no muscle endurance. So besides climbing I run, bike and I started training with a personal trainer from Freisport (  Three times a week 20 min. over skype. This works very good, you won’t believe how effective 20 min. of training can be.


As always I watch my food, I am vegetarian, beside the few times I eat wild meat. I eat mostly grains, fruits and vegetables, if possible organic, fresh and unrefined. On the moment I eat straight from the garden. I regularly eat legumes, nuts, mushrooms and seaweed. I eat not too much cheese and eggs. I avoid animal fats, regular sugar and chemical additions. Ex: instead of a regular sports drink, grape juice diluted with water.

Here a movie I made about New Zealand and some photos from home in France and Goliat (my dog).

goliat mist 1 sun light 1

Über Irian van Helfteren

Freeride Guiding, Freeride Camps, Snowboard Teacher, Avalanche Safety Training, Splitboard Touren.
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