South coast

Hereby the song from Jesse Brand I recorded last week
We drove the south coast and past the most southern point of New Zealand where we almost walked into see lions because they look like dead threes if they are asleep. It´s so windy that even the threes are growing in the wind direction.
From the coast we drove up to Wanaka to go snowboarding in Cadrona (thanks to Amber for the lifttickets) and watched a part of the wintergames. The other days we went bouldering and running, because I’m not patience enough and I get crazy by sitting in the car to long. There are beautiful tracks like the Rocky Mountain track, my favorite one, it is steep and have a super nice view over lakes, valleys and rocky mountains.
Now we are driving up the west coast to the club fields where we will ride a freeride competition and do lots of hiking and riding. Below also a photo from the 80s party…

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Über Irian van Helfteren

Freeride Guiding, Freeride Camps, Snowboard Teacher, Avalanche Safety Training, Splitboard Touren.
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