By Fair Means, the movie

First of all my condolences to friends and family of Steven, who died in the last weeks in an avalanche. As Maurice said: ‘The mountains giving us so match, but sometimes it take things back’.        But we keep on riding, with all the respect for what happened, and all respect for the Nature.

Thanks to my new sponsor Douchebags for the boardbag and thanks Mons Royal for the best quality and sexy underwear.

My knee is still hurting, revalidation is going slow. At least I can bike and I have been biking some super steep and technical high alpine downhills at home in Arlberg. Yesterday I get stocked in an old avalanche and had to climb down a dry waterfall to fiend an old alpine track.

Please vote on me because with votes I make a change getting travel budget for the Freeride World Tour and a place in the O Neil. Take a minute for voting, so I keep on riding my blogs for you. Thanks a lot!

Monday is the great day, you can see our full movie ‘By Fair Means’ online. This movie is the product of pure joy from freeriding, friendship, love of the mountains and the constant push to ride harder. „By Fair Means“ is a project from the „Gnarlberg Steinbocks“ crew. The entire film was shot in the Arlberg, Austria and had no external funding or sponsorship!! Basically ‘do it yourself’ at ITS BEST!!!

Enjoy Progressive Freeriding from its finest.


Christian Schnabel               Irian van Helfteren

Bas Elhorst                             Juan Bergada

and friends

Shot & Edited by Elmar Strotmann

Duration: 28 minutes

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Über Irian van Helfteren

Freeride Guiding, Freeride Camps, Snowboard Teacher, Avalanche Safety Training, Splitboard Touren.
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