Revalidation is hard work

I never thought that training for revalidation can be so hard. But this time I take it serious. I have a goal and always go 100 % for my goals. I broke my knee 22 February, just before an important competition. I have two results and they are good, 1st and 2nd place but they count the best three results.

Advice, about revalidation after a knee operation to a competition in less than two months, by doctors and physiotherapists are different. One tells me to go for it; the other tells me that I will not be fit. Lucky that I found a doctor and a physiotherapist who are helping me. But in the end I will always listen to my body. I try to take the maximum out of the trainings.

In the past three weeks I have been training five days a week at the fitness studio:          Monday 3 hours power and power endurance training.                                                    Tuesday one hour condition, 1hour physiotherapy and fifty minutes electro therapy. Wednesday 3 hours power and power endurance training.                                            Thursday one hour condition, 1hour physiotherapy and fifty minutes electro therapy. Friday 3 hours power and power endurance training.                                                      Saturday swimming, light condition training.                                                                          Sunday relax 50 minutes electro therapy.                                                                                  Beside of that massage, cooling down, walking with sticks etc.

It is not always easy to stay positive if I think about what I could have done in this time; lots of beautiful freeriding. Because of the accident I cancelled work, photo and film shootings and four competitions. But the sun is shining, I have a lot of friends here and very imported, I have a goal. 14th April I’ll make a road trip to Norway with my friend Mikaela from Finland. There we will go snowboarding, touring and on 19th of April we´ll ride the last 4 star freeride world qualification. The result I´m going to make in this competition will decide if I can ride the freeride world tour next year or not. This competition will also decide for Mikaela if she gets invided to the FWT.

At the picture you see the difference between my left and ride leg. With my right leg I do leg presses with 165 KG, 3×30. With my left leg I train with 39 KG.

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Über Irian van Helfteren

Freeride Guiding, Freeride Camps, Snowboard Teacher, Avalanche Safety Training, Splitboard Touren.
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