Bike school

Sport climbing, Alpine climbing, Down-hill in bikeparks, and enduro mountain biken with over 1400 vertical meters. I love living in the mountains.

Bas Elhorst and I want to share our passion, we started an MTB school:

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Here some photos from the last week.

Bike tour with Bas Elhorst and Christian Schnabel. More pics and story:

DSCN0953 Kopie

DSCN0979 Kopie

Saterday,’Löwenzähne Überschreitung’ alpine climbing. At 1360 meter, 5 ropes long.


Sunday I trained technique and air & style in Bikepark Brandnertal. After half a day bikepark I biked up to Kampera Sättele 1700 m. to ride a 10 KM trail with 1400 vertical meters, super trail and amazing view. Foto Mike Marte, rider unknow.

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Winter is not over jet

Probably the best time to go hiking in Stuben, Arlberg. 29 april 2016 freeriding Bas Elhorst en Irian Van Helfteren

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Snowboarding climbing biking

Springtime is great, after a beautiful winter, the white powder melts away to make room for colors of the summer. In spring you can choose your outdoor activity, or do them all in one day…. Snowboarding climbing biking.

aa web climb                              Climbing, perfect balance sport after biking & snowboarding


Nirto backcoutry Freerstyle camp by Elooa. With my buddies Bas Elhorst and                             Andreas Margotti.

DSC_3599 Kopie

Great trails in Vorarlberg! Thanks Bas for this super nice photo.DSC_3668 Kopie

Bas Elhorst prefers the Alps instead of Holland. Improving his bike skills at Muttersberg.

Hiking couloirs, climing a two meter windlip, and droooopiiiiing. With Marcel Loschin.

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Insame day

Today was an INSAME day, riding crazy lines with lots of sluff management in no fall zones, good airtime and perfect snow conditions!

I can say, today I found my limits again  WHAT A GOOD DAY.

insameNever ever had such little space to close my Bindng! About 1 meter wide and 50 cm long. Behind me a 30 meter cliff.

Unbenannt6 Kopiehiking, as always hiking and more hiking…DSCN0762 Kopie

I imagine my line.Unbenannt7 Kopie Last picture.Unbenannt9 Kopie

Drop inUnbenannt8 Kopie

Stay focus, no stop because of the sluff, also with a bad view.Unbenannt10 Kopie                         20 turns later, last drop with all the sluff
Unbenannt11 Kopie

Pfu, made it 😉

DSCN0781 Kopie

While I was rock climbing to the last peak of the day a beautiful young ibex was staring at me.

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Last Week I was judge at Poederbaas competition in Val Thorens. Again a super nice event!

beside I’ve been guiding and riding fun couloirs.

Irian van Helfteren3-Sonnenkopf-2015

Foto Edo Jungerius, DSCN0518 Kopie

ready to go, after a long tour to Madrissa.aha jeroen

Jeroen is checking his line.

droping in, Jeroen Smallenlange.


I love this picture. And this line! The hard part is in the end of the couloir. After sluff management an cliff from 4 meters.


Good view.

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Guiding and Photoshooting

I ride with friends and guide my guests safely through the most scenic routes with the best powder snow. I share my knowledge about avalanches and give tips for ski/ snowboard freeride technique. I also take photographs and edit them so beautiful memories are not only in mind but are also there to share:

DSCN9954 irian

My guests from the USA enjoying this scenic nature

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Skitouring and splitboarding to be alone, far away from the crowd.

web IMG_7638 Kopie

web IMG_7575 KopieWe never get enough of the beautiful nature landscapes.

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Hike and ride untracked pow.


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Amazing nature

Today after fotoshooting, I snowboarded down a very steep an exposed line. I stopped in the middle of the face to watch the nature. Four chamois passed me and raptors flew with the thermal wind high up.

I love freeride. It is the powerful and beautiful nature, creativity and energy that I can use, the fun I can share with friends, and match more I fiend in the mountains.

What I can share are my photos. Here photos from yesterday and today. Relax and enjoy…


web DSCN1775 Kopie


DSCN1793 Kopie



DSC_3383 KopiebDSC_3426 KopiebDSC_3366 KopieDSC_3401 KopiebDSC_3307 Kopie

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